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The Preferred Destination for Companies Within All Sectors of the Light Metal Industry

Welcome to Alloy Heat Treatment, the UK’s first and only specialist in the heat treatment of aluminium alloys. With over 40 years experience as a subcontractor focused solely on the heat treatment of aluminium alloys, we are the preferred destination for companies within all sectors of the light metal industry.

Founded in 1974), we have on site specialists who can give advice on materials, treatments and surface engineering, preferably at the design stage.

At Alloy Heat Treatment, we pride ourselves on our personal relationships with customers. Through training and development of staff at all levels we are dedicated to providing the very best service for all heat treatment requirements.

Our organisation holds NADCAP, AS 9100 accreditation, and preferred supplier status to many aerospace primes. Based in Dudley, West Midlands, we are easily accessible to all UK industry via close links to the motorway network.

  • Our site operates on a 24/5 basis and offers a full suite of services including:
  • Solution Treatment
  • Rapid quenching – Ageing
  • Dye penetrant inspection – Mechanical Testing
  • Metallographic inspection 
  • Shotblasting (exclusively aluminium) – Hardness & conductivity testing
  • Transport: collection and delivery service
  • SED compliant solvent degreasing
  • scaning using FARO Quantum E arm
  •  Distortion Correction post quench

Alloy Heat Treatment can process components up to 5 metres long and 3 tonnes in weight. We can also offer rapid quenching into either polymer or water (hot or cold) if required.

To find out more about how we could work together, please get in touch at 01384 456777 or [email protected].

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Services Alloy Heat Treatment Provide



This is a process required for strengthening and machinability.


Immediately following solution treatment certain parts require rapid quenching. This involves a controlled quench in times of less than 10 seconds to ensure that quenched parts lose or expel minimal temperature between the furnace the quench bath.


This process removes the quench distortion from solution treated parts. We can set to close tolerances in a tight time frame at quench stage. This process can be extended to the rectification of parts distorted during general manufacturing.


Our Hanger Blast facility is used to give the product a uniform colour or appearance, such as a silvery matt finish, which will be visible in the finished product.


This heat treatment process is generally undertaken between 100 and 200 ºC and causes dissolved alloying elements to finely precipitate within the aluminium. This results in the alloy becoming harder and stronger.


We are able to verify the conformance and batch uniformity of heat treated parts, particularly for the aerospace industry. This is all done by level 2 certified operators using machines certified to UKAS standards.


This technique is used to detect cracks or flaws in heat treated parts. This is offered to customer requirements upon request.


Nadcap accredited for the micro examination and evaluation of heat treated parts in accordance with specific industry standards.


Our in house SED compliant solvent degreaser is capable of cleaning and drying components up to 3m long and 500 kilos in weight, to aircraft industry standards.


Alloy Heat Treatment offers this as a standard sub contracted service


We are able to offer a swift delivery or collection service via courier or haulage contractors to suit customer needs.

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  • April 2014
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  • 1974

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Tel: 01384 456777