Alloy Heat Treatment win prestigious Made in the Midlands award


Alloy Heat Treatment were crowned the overall winner at the 2016 Made in the Midlands awards on 20th October at IET Birmingham: Austin Court in a prestigious celebration of Midlands manufacturing success. 

Danielle Brown MBE delivered a fantastic motivational speech to Midlands manufacturers, regarding the importance of celebrating success. Lord Mike Whitby also told manufacturers that now is the ideal time for collaboration in the new post-Brexit economic climate.

Alloy Heat Treatment secured their first ever Made in the Midlands Award, following their recent investment of over £825,000 into securing the highest quality equipment, software and apprentices. Sales Director, Ian Perks exclaimed: “We are very proud and very humble. We are extremely proud to be crowned the overall winners of the Made in the Midlands awards this year.”

Earlier this year, Alloy Heat Treatment invested £500,000 into purchasing the biggest piece of equipment in their company history, in the form of aerospace Oven 30. They also spent a further £250,000 on Oven's 28-29 which are both variable temperature quench tanks. Alloy Heat Treatment also invested £35,000 into an innovative DNA production control software to provide customers with an insight into the journey of their product.

Perks added: “Winning this award would not have been possible without our Managing Director, Adrian Church who has done an incredible job in securing the future of Alloy Heat Treatment through these investments. It’s unbelievable that all of our hard work throughout the year has paid off by receiving this great award.”

Alloy Heat Treatment also spent over £50,000 on new apprentices, as they are paying for all of their Manufacturing and Engineering courses at the University of Wolverhampton. They have invested strongly into seven apprentices within the last four years. The apprentices all have the opportunity to gradually rise into managerial or leadership roles within the company.

Additionally, Alloy Heat Treatment sponsor the Quicksilver world water speed project. The project is a collaborative venture uniting highly-skilled people and firms from across the broad span of British industry, drawn together by the man who founded the project, author Nigel Macknight.

Made in the Midlands CEO, Jason Pitt concluded: “Today was a brilliant celebration of Midlands manufacturing success. It was our honour to crown Alloy Heat Treatment the overall winner of the Made in the Midlands award following their great work throughout the year. I would like to thank all of our applicants for their dedication to the manufacturing sector and for coming together to celebrate local manufacturing achievement.”