Growing aerospace supplier strives for unique finish


Alloy Heat Treatment Limited, the largest sub contract heat treater in the UK for aluminium alloys, is currently enjoying a period of continued growth as the results of stringent quality procedures pay off.

For almost 40 years the Dudley-based business has operated as nothing less than a centre of excellence in aluminium heat treatment.

Alloy Heat Treatment – or AHT – serves the leading names in aerospace, automotive and advanced engineering from its Peartree Lane premises.

The business places great emphasis on seeking approvals and is particularly proud of being part of NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Programme).

Its list of approvers reads like a roll-call of some of the biggest names in engineering and includes Airbus SAS, BAe systems, Boeing, Rolls Royce and Westland Helicopters.

Quality manager Steve Roberts believes one of the key reasons for the company’s success and longevity is its versatility.

“The advantage of having so many approvals - especially in the aerospace industry - is that we are listed on the approved supplier lists of the prime contractors, so customers seek us out.”

As well as offering its extensive range of heat treatment services, the business offers a number of ancillary processes such as vapour degreasing, using a “state of the art” SED compliant sealed unit, dye-penetrant inspection and shot blasting.

The business also owns what it believes is a unique drop-bottom system, boasting 5 rapid quench, fully automated ovens, with other ovens offering cold, warm, hot water and polymer quench facilities.

Steve continues:“I think what makes us different is our unique technical ability gained through specialising in heat treatment of aluminium alloys” Steve explained, “we can handle everything from small fixings to components five metres long.”

The combination of leading-edge technology and years of experience enables AHT to deliver a wide range of aluminium heat treatments including solution treatment, rapid quenching, setting and ageing.

AHT is a 24-hour operation and employs 37 people at two units on the Grazebrook Industrial Park.

It also has in place a robust environmental policy and is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards and seeks to continually improve its performance.

Ultimately, AHT has built its reputation on delivering an excellent service to customers and a commitment to absolute quality.

As one customer said: “We have been using AHT for over thirty years and we use them exclusively now. They are professional and have a good technical staff and backup service. We can discuss any problems or issues and we know that we can rely on their expertise and advice.”