Midlands heat treatment firm steps in to fill gap in Dorset


Following the closure of a major aviation firm offering heat treatment services in Bournemouth last year, many of the region’s manufacturing businesses have been left struggling to find suitable alternatives.

With the company having been the main provider of heat treatment in central South England, its decision to move operations to Spain has left a significant demand for the service as many companies have failed to identify other local providers to fill the gap.

Midlands based Alloy Heat Treatment (AHT) have now stepped in to tackle the growing demand. Already working with a couple of firms in the South, the company would like to think there is a strong demand to warrant additional premises in the Dorset region.

Having been awarded the prestigious NADCAP Merit Status last year, overall, AHT has got nearly thirty years of experience in heat treating aerospace components. One of the companies AHT is currently helping out with its expertise is Christchurch based NFF Precision Ltd.

Tony Rogers, Director at NFF Precision, says “The support from AHT to NFF LTD has been excellent and their team has worked very hard to help us. We are very pleased to be working together with a business of this calibre which is extremely important to NFF LTD. With both companies being NADCAP approved in the aerospace and defence sector, the future looks good for us and we are looking forward to a successful working relationship.”

Alloy Heat Treatment’s Sales Director, Ian Perks, adds, “The only challenge we are currently facing is the transport from our Midlands base in Dudley down to Bournemouth and vice versa. Due to the distance, transport times and costs are higher than usual. However, if the demand in the South of England turns out to be high enough, we would consider opening up additional premises in the area in order to provide local businesses with the same service we currently offer to our clients in the Midlands.”